About SB alliance

About SB Alliance

Everyone always asks . . .

"How Did Strategic Business Alliance Start?"

Originally we were a group of ten local senior managers or business owners that met every fortnight at the ‘Mona Lisa Café’ in North Finchley. We all paid for our own breakfast with the simple ethos to help each other, by getting to know each other and to build a network of trusted contacts, where we could share useful information, learn from each other and share tips to grow our respective businesses. Where possible give each other work, provide referrals to other companies we were dealing with and to encourage further business and opportunities and to collaboration on joint projects.

Like all good ideas, we started with a small acorn with the aim to grow an oak tree. The demand for this type of business networking group was so strong that we had to expand and become more commercial by developing a proper infrastructure and member support services.

A working committee was formed, to develop the organisation after agreeing on member’s needs. Our ethos was and still is, to Earn & Learn” The earning side is to give each other business and the learning side was to have really excellent guest speakers to give free educational sessions and to provide our attendees with the tools to help them succeed with their businesses. We also run regular business clinics where a member(s) shares a business issue with the group and seeks advice on how to solve it. All members of the group are encouraged to participate in offering potential solutions.

Education slot at Bushey HeathAs everyone knows, when you start a business, it is a very lonely life. Unlike larger companies, that have an established infrastructure and the expertise of departments, such as accounts, sales, marketing, legal, HR, training support, research and development departments etc. Many small business don’t have these necessary specialist areas of support. SB Alliances’ aim from the beginning was to help fill these knowledge gaps by offering expertise from other attendees in the group, who share a common belief of helping each other to succeed, by giving their knowledge freely and willingly.

Business networking with SB Alliance, allows you to have the benefit all the services of a larger company without employing all the staff and resources. In fact, all the contacts you have built up within the group(s) are there not only give you business and opportunities and of course valuable referrals. But also being a springboard to test ideas and develop true friendships by working together.

Want to know more . . .

We currently meet in two locations in NW London on alternate weeks. We meet on a Thursday mornings for breakfast at the Ikaron Restaurant  at Elstree Aerodrome from 9.15-11.15 am and  on the  other alternate Thursday for lunch at Black Pepper Restaurant, Hatch End.   

SB alliance also offers educational workshops to help business owners and these are held at the Brookmans in Brookmans Park and also Pinner Hill Golf Club.To find out more call Tony Wayne on 079 1906 6053, to arrange a visit at one of our groups to see how our business network operates!