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Company Information: Strategic Business Alliance Ltd

Business-to-Business Networking Organisation which is there to help SME's through all the stages of their commercial life from the start-up to the more established business. Our role is to help introduce like minded company owners who want to work with each other by building trust. Where each member benefits by giving each other business and valuable referrals that can generate more business and opportunities.

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  • Member's support
  • Business friendships
  • Building trust
  • Creating business opportunities
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Help to generate business and opportunities
  • Educational speakers
  • Regular business clinics

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  • Breakfast networking meetings
  • Lunch networking meetings
  • Social evening networking events
  • Fine dining networking events
  • Educational workshops

Tony Wayne

Member since April 16, 2014
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079 1906 6053

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Strategic Business Alliance Ltd
Strategic Business Alliance Ltd


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