Brexit Means Brexit!

Brexit Means Brexit!

Written by Tony Wayne on 27-May-19

For most people the UK European Elections is considered to be the the second people’s referendum.

With the demise of Theresa May as Prime Minister, who failed to deliver the mandate and contract with the electorate, to leave on March 29th with or without a deal despite all her endeavours to negotiate an acceptable deal with her own party or even with cross party support.

This election result by the 'Brexit Party' has clearly demonstrated that both the Labour and Conservative parties are clearly out-of-step with the voters and have substantially lost support making each party now like one of smaller parties.

It is hard to imagine Nigel Farage has knocked again these two goliath parties off their power pedestals and even with their immense experience of running both Local, European and General Elections the Brexit party which only came into existence just six weeks ago has succeeded in securing 29 MEP's out a possible 73.

It is very obvious from this result that the country wants Brexit delivered with or without a deal and certainly by 31st October. If however this does not happen our belief is that the Conservative party when it comes to a General Election they will undoubtedly lose and open the door equally to a weakened Labour party. That still can't decide to support leave or support another referendum. If they do get into power it will be with a coalition government made up of LibDems and the Green Party and SNP and a load of independent candidates who would have been disenchanted with their former parties and will form their own independent alliances.

There is also a strong possibility if Brexit is not delivered as promised, the Brexit party will take the lead by competing against the main parties, if this happens and they repeat the result of the EU Elections they will become the governing party with a predicted two hundred seat majority.

Whatever happens over the next few years UK politics will never be the same and perhaps proportional representation will be part of our new pollical landscape.


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