Does Your Business Bank at RBS?

Does Your Business Bank at RBS?

Written by Tony Wayne on 28-Mar-19

During the financial crisis RBS received support from the UK government. As a result, to meet a European Commission (EC) directive on competition, the bank was required to divest several parts of its business.

As part of the HM Treasury & the European Commission 'Incentivised Switching Scheme' RBS are asking some of its business customers to consider moving to another provider.

If you change from RBS to Metro Bank, you will receive a minimum of £750, up to a maximum of £50,000, depending on turnover.


Metro Bank offers a  seven day-a-week branch banking, an award winning mobile banking app, online banking and 24/7 local call centres.They have a range of accounts for business and commercial customers including deposit accounts which pays interest rates up to 1.5%.

For more information, contact  or pop into your local store or one of our SB alliance member companies at their Edgware store:-
Daryl Heard
Local Business Manager
Phone: 079 7617 5263

Metro Bank
Unit 1
The Booadwalk Centre




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