Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation

Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation

Written by Tony Wayne on 13-Jul-18

 fundamentals_of_SEO_by_guest_speaker_Chandish Perekh_from_Nero_Digital_at_SB alliance_business_networking_breakfast_group_held_at_ their_Elstree_Aerodrome_venue
A really interesting talk and presentation by one of our membes and guest speaker Chandish Perekh of Nero Digital a web developer and SEO specialist.

Chandish explored to many of our attendees at our Elstree group the hidden mystries for many business owners of SEO and what it can do for
your website to gain rankings on the various search engines like Bing, Google, Firefox etc. In his very informative talk he explained in a simple and understandable way on how Serch Engine Optimisation works.


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