Strange Things Can Happen When You Network!

Strange Things Can Happen When You Network!

Written by Tony Wayne on 08-Mar-17

When one of your members who was at Strategic Business Alliance's last fortnightly Borehamwood group and in our 'Any Other Business Section'

SB alliance_business_networking_breakfast_Borehamwood_with_ Keith Hubert

suddenly reaches into his pocket and pulls out something yellow and then reaches into his other pocket and eqaually pulls out a mini air pump! You have to ask what the hell is going on. Keith Hubert a data management expert never ceases to amaze us with his amateur magic tricks.

Keith pumped up this long baloon and we thought this would be one of many baloons and he would then progress to making some annimals with them. Instead he proceeded to push the balloon down his throat and eat it. Whilst you can't see it in this picture a passer-by outside Mr Baker's shop window came back to take a secondlook aswell  not to mention other customers of the restaurant and of course the amazement of all our fellow

After five minutes this 600 mm balloon was being gulped down to eventually it was all consumed until therer was nothing left.

Howard Klein one of our other members offered Keith a gass of water to wash it down! We are still trying to work out how he did it!




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