What A Successful Website Does

What A Successful Website Does

Written by Lisa Penn on 10-Jul-18

Lisa Penn_from_PennInk_Productions_shares_website_tips_at_an_SB alliance_networking_meeting_at_our Hatch End_group

Lisa Penn from PennInk Productions shares website tips at a recent Hatch End Lunch group meeting with her fellow networkers at SB alliance

In today’s world, your customer’s journey starts with research online – and this journey, more often than not, begins on a mobile phone.

People are coming to a conclusion on their own as to whether or not they are interested in buying from you — far before you even realise you are being looked at. You need to make sure you have a presence that is helpful and useful.

A successful website does three things:

  1. It gets people to the website – and for this you have to be found.
  2. It gets people to stick around after the first glance or two by building trust, educating andnurturing your relationship with this new individual.
  3. It converts people or gets users to perform the actions you want them to while on your website.

    A conversion can be many things from subscribing to a newsletter, to calling you, to making a purchase on your website.


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