What Does Handwriting Tell

What Does Handwriting Tell

Written by Tracey Trussell on 09-Oct-18

Graphology Unravelled: Revealing Personality Through Handwriting



As a fully qualified practising graphologist (and accredited tutor of the British Institute), I analyse handwriting to uncover what it says about the person behind the writing. From just a few handwritten sentences, my work reveal people's core personality and their fluid behaviour - how they think, feel, and operate - shining a practical light on a broad spectrum of issues that confront us all every day.  

This taster article explores how handwriting analysis works, and how my insightful, far-reaching, and diverse reports can help people - from talent resourcing and recruitment, to dating and compatibility, and from personal self-discovery to pinpointing mental health issues.

I have been fortunate to be in great demand with the press over the years, analysing an assortment of celebrity signatures and their handwriting, and just a few months ago I also had a double page centre spread in the Daily Mail newspaper.  My list of business clients is wide and varied, ranging for example from PR companies to Franchises to Dating Agencies to Hotel groups to Art Galleries to well-known Pen companies and to the Royal Mail.  On a more personal level, I've compiled personality snapshots, compatibility reports, and analysed suicide notes for the recently bereaved, to name a few.

You see handwriting as a way of communication, because you naturally read the content.  But for me, the content is irrelevant, because I am looking at handwriting as if it's a picture.

Handwriting is the complex interaction between the eye, the brain (and hence the central nervous system), and the hand.  The pen we hold is merely the conduit.  In layman's terms, this means that handwriting is the same as brain writing.  And graphology is the analysis of the brain’s subconscious expression through the medium of handwriting. Or put in simpler terms, it's the study of handwriting to reveal the personality of the writer. 

Basically, whilst you're reading the content, I'm analysing and deciphering the symbols on the page.  As a trained graphologist, I'm very fortunate to have, in black and white, the unique pattern of our psychology expressed in symbols on the page.  It is a rich pattern that reflects the unique story of each writer.



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